spotify playlist promotion

MegaBuzz Music Promotion service gets your music where it matters, with our music promotion service we offer the best places to have your music featured. With other music PR companies focusing only on reviews and radio plays, we extend our product offering to accommodate for the new industry of Music Streaming. 

Once you’ve sent us your music, our experts give you a consultation of where your music will best fit with estimated cost. 

Within the package, MegaBuzz include Spotify Promotion, with campaigns which have had artists placed on playlists with up to 500,000 followers. 

Most people discover their music on Spotify primarily through playlists, the Discover Weekly’s and the Spotify algorithm. 

Record labels now believe Spotify is one of the most vital platforms to determine the success of an artist. 

MegaBuzz Spotify Promotion service pitches to our database of hundreds of suitable playlists for your music. With our strong network we can ensure you secure your position on some of the most popular playlists on Spotify. 

Once you have secured your position on playlists you can watch your Spotify streams grow as you get discovered by a wide audience and attract the Spotify algorithm. 

MegaBuzz industry leading Spotify pitching service has a network with over 300 playlists who work directly with us to consider songs for their playlists. 

The team will help you navigate the Spotify for Artists submission process, which will allow you to submit your pre-released music to Spotify Official playlists. Spotify recommends that you submit 4-weeks in advance of your release to give you the best chance of getting added to their playlists. 

Our service is completely organic and real, we only pitch to curators who care for their playlist and have built their followers organically. This service has proven to lead to artists being added to Spotify Official playlists as well as algorithm generated playlists such as Discover Weekly’s.